A Majority of Employee Theft Goes Undetected – the embezzler doesn’t want to “kill the cow” – they only want to “milk it!”

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Your bookkeeper might not be what she seems

Yes, It Can Happen to You…

Myths and Misconceptions

  • Well-paid employees are less likely to steal
  • Newer employees commit employee theft while senior employees can be trusted.

Facts and Reality

  • The opportunity to steal is more important than the need for money.
  • A majority of employee theft goes undetected.
  • Nearly one-third of all bankruptcies is caused by employee theft.

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Serial Embezzlers

  1. They know human nature. They know that you are unlikely to take action, in the unlikely event that they are caught. YOU WANT AND NEED TO TRUST THEM!
  2. They know how to interview you – as a good target – while you are interviewing them.
  3. They are methodical, organized and precise – 3 traits you would expect of a good bookkeeper and unbeknownst to you, a successful embezzler!
  4. They make themselves indispensable to you – so you don’t want to believe that they have targeted you. They are very agreeable and do whatever you ask of them – what more could want in a good employee.
  5. They act like a normal employee, including taking vacation, etc.

You Know the Problem…

The problem is the embezzler? That’s only PART A!

PART B – you are only too human – “ignorance is bliss” and not until the embezzlement comes up and bites you in the butt – will you pay any attention.

The problem is that the person you hire as your bookkeeper is all too human and when given the virtual “keys to the kingdom” aka your cash flow, they will behave, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, as 80% of all people behave – given the right motivation, they will “borrow money” fully meaning to repay until they realize that they have gotten in so deep, repayment is virtually impossible.

We say that until now, you have not been given a realistic and affordable alternative to dealing with this problem; so what can you do but pray that you will never become the victim of the embezzler.

We Got The Cure…

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