Below is a message from Marty Block, owner of Kesem Technology:

Every one of the case studies or testimonials in the horror story section is from a smart business person and just like you, they said, this will never happen to me.

You are not “stupid” if people can steal from you.

You are just busy doing what you do best, and if that happens not be counting pennies and paying bills, that’s likely a GREAT thing.  But you’re left with having to hire and trust people to handle the “business side” or the ‘bookkeeping side” of your business.

Every story in the horror section starts with a guy or a woman who happens to one-day look at something they never looked at before because they didn’t think they needed to.  And I guarantee that the business owner never before thought about the possibility and had no real reason to check.  It is your natural curiosity as a business owner to see if you can do things a little better, know a little more about your business.  And WHAM?  Suddenly, you figure out you’re missing 5, 10, 25, 110, 225 THOUSAND DOLLARS over the course of a couple of years or so.  No fooling.  These are REAL numbers that happened to real business owners.

The methods in Auditors Inc.’s guide detect a problem within days of the occurrence.

If you are like me and this was a ½ day business seminar, you’d think nothing of spending $149 or $199 to attend a seminar that was about running a better business.  That’s what this is – a LOT of education at an extraordinarily low cost.  And if you should decide to go with the CashLock ProgramTM , even that cost is a fraction of what a forensic audit would cost through your CPA.  I hope you don’t find out you’re a fraud or theft victim.  I hope that the methods explained here simply help you know what to do to help you keep your finger on the cash pulse of your business.

But I also know that it is better to find out about a problem before it drags you and everything that you care about under.

– Marty Block, Kesem Technology


Why Us? – We’ll let others toot our horn…

“None offer the detail contained in Embezzlement 101. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.”
– Cora Daniels, FSB Magazine

“After perusing the guide commented that EMBEZZLEMENT 101 is brilliant in its simplicity. I wouldn’t have thought of this in a million years.”
– Gary Singer, former CFO of Buffalo China

“[The Embezzlement Prevention Guide] is an easy read, easy to follow and I will definitely use it.”
– Stanley Senders, Owner, The Computer Accessory Store

“The Embezzlement Prevention Guide truly is must reading for any small business owner. As a certified public accountant, I know. . . too often, the incidents of the kind referred to in the guide go undetected for too long and once discovered, the damage to the business is irreparable and the owner is sometimes too devastated or embarrassed to even admit to the occurrence of the event. Preventive measures and precaution is the best kind of insurance against embezzlement. I highly recommend this guide to anyone even considering starting a new business.”
– Scott Rosenthal, CPA