By Benjamin Price, News-Leader

Results of an investigation into more than $1 million stolen from the Nassau County Clerk of Court’s office are expected to be released at a press conference within two weeks.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigator Dominick Pape was scheduled to conduct the conference this afternoon at the FDLE’s Jacksonville headquarters on North Davis Street. However, FDLE spokesperson Sharon Gogerty said Monday it had to be re-scheduled for unspecified reasons.

She said the press conference will be rescheduled sometime within the next two weeks at the same location.

Pape would not comment about the case or release any additional information prior to the press conference.

The FDLE has been investigating what it has confirmed as years of theft within the office by an employee or employees that totals more than $1 million.

One of the “subjects of the investigation,” is the office’s former finance supervisor and longtime employee Julie Mixon, who was dismissed by current Clerk of Court John Crawford in February.

Mixon was found dead in a Jacksonville hotel room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in May.

Gogerty confirmed that Mixon was still one of the “subjects of the investigation.” However, she would not confirm whether Mixon was the focus of the investigation, or if any other employees or former employees were now considered “suspects.”