I’ve read so many letters from the citizens of Nassau County demanding that (Clerk of Courts) John Crawford sue the estate of Julia Mixon, sue her family members and take back anything Ms. Mixon may have given to them. Unbelievable.

Has no one yet figured out that Mr. Crawford has spent more money on all of these investigations that keep turning up nothing than he can hope to recover from the Mixon estate? Has he bothered to let the community know how far in debt Ms. Mixon was, or how many mortgages are on the homes he plans on taking? All Mr. Crawford gives us is a lot of maybe’s, could be’s and assumptions, laying the fault of any and every thing that has gone wrong with the county at the feet of a very convenient scapegoat, since she of course, cannot answer questions.

Mr. Crawford has made the family of Ms. Mixon pay for something they have no knowledge of, continues to put untruths out for the media and has made it impossible for them to get any peace from the loss of a loved family member. I find it impossible to believe that this theft could have occurred without being discovered by someone before now. There has to be a balance and records from the place of origin of the money (such as parking tickets, speeding tickets, ect.). Surely the department that issues these citations would have to have a record that must match the deposit from the finance department? Why did no one find a discrepancy before now? There is something really wrong here.

My belief is that there needs to be yet another investigation, of Mr. Crawford and Mr. (Jerry) Greeson, who so conveniently found this embezzlement scheme so soon after taking office. Mr. Crawford makes sure his name is in the media for having discovered everything, and yet doesn’t that mean that he is misspending our money? After all, he admitted himself that he hired Jerry Greeson to do his job because he didn’t know how. So, if he is so smart as to break this embezzlement scheme wide open, what did he need to hire Greeson for?

And by the way, who hired (accounting firm) Farmand and Farmand? Why, Mr. Greeson did, back when he was clerk of the court.

Something is wrong here. Has Mr. Crawford sued the estate of John Holland, who was paid for work undone, said he would return the money, then died? Did the family of the man that murdered Ms. Mixon’s family get sued to return all the things that were stolen from the Mixon home, some at gunpoint? Were they ever condemned or accused of being accomplices to Josh’s murder? No. The family of Ms. Mixon has been treated so badly, I am ashamed to admit I live in Nassau County.

Jurry Whitmare, Yulee