In your (July 8) article regarding the embezzlement of county funds by the late Jessica Mixon, Clerk of the Court John Crawford says the accounting firm of Farmand, Farmand & Farmand is still being used by the county and it is up to the county commissioners to change that. I encourage the commissioners to fire this firm immediately.

It is obvious to me that an accounting firm that cannot match county revenue with a corresponding bank deposit is either totally inept or corrupt. This raises a couple of questions with me. Is Farmand, Farmand & Farmand’s inept auditing procedures and failure to find stolen funds leading to the financial woes of Nassau County? What other county offices does this accounting firm audit? Could there be other offices with missing funds? Is this why Tax Collector Gwen Miller was able to hold hostage over $900,000 until the commissioners agreed to build a restroom in her office? Where does the money go when the taxpayers of Nassau County send their checks to her office?

The residents of Nassau County are now faced with paying a 5-cent-per-gallon gas tax, recently passed by our county commissioners because the county has no money for infrastructure improvements. How will the taxpayers of Nassau County know if the 5-cent per gallon gas tax (or the “user’s fee” as Ansley Acree likes to call it) is really going to pay for infrastructure improvements?

We will never be able to trust the accounting firm of Farmand, Farmand & Farmand ever again. I encourage the county to recoup the nearly $1 million embezzled by the late Ms. Mixon by any means necessary. Her estate should pay and Farmand, Farmand & Farmand should pay and reimburse the county their fee for the past 10 years for their incompetence and inability to see Ms. Mixon’s embezzlement.

Angie Hall , Bryceville